I've never even seen some of these icons before...

Although iCondubber is less user-friendly and fully-featured than alternative CandyBar, it holds its own as an icon management application and it is still under active development. iCondubber’s interface makes it clear that you are diving into system files to change the appearance of things, which should remind you to back off if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you do know what you’re doing, it’s potentially a more powerful application than CandyBar.

The iContainers favored by CandyBar are also supported by iCondubber.

Note that, for some reason, you may have to download an older version of the software if you have a newer version of OS X. Mountain Lion is officially supported by the most recent release; click the secondary download link for a version that works on Snow Leopard and Lion.


    • At the bottom of the linked page, the download link is followed by a a separate link for “Last release running on MacOS 10.6+”. I found that only the older version worked on my Mac running Snow Leopard Lion. You may have a different experience though. I imagine the developers found it easier to fix bugs for the older systems than to figure out how to deal with icons on the newer systems.

    • Right you are – the image wasn’t showing up in Firefox & Chrome, possibly because it’s a .tif rather than a .png. Post has been updated, thanks!

    • I’m not claiming to be an expert since I haven’t made use of either application extensively, and as I implied I was using the earlier version of iCondubber, but CandyBar has drag’n'drop from Finder, multiple arrange-by options, icon duplicate detection, iContainer exporting, detailed offline help file, icon grouping by type, and restoration of system defaults. iCondubber can access more system icons, and it has one or two other unique features, but its range of use is narrower, in my opinion.

      If you’d like to discuss my review at length, you can contact me directly, my username at gmail.

  1. No, I don’t want to discuss about it, it would take a lot of time. I just can say iCondubber has almost all those same features, which maybe have different names. :)

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